As a commercial treatment writer, Jill brings a wealth of valuable marketing experience and insight to her trade. She began her advertising career back in 1998 on Madison Avenue when she joined the Account Management department at Young & Rubicam. After learning the traditional side of the business on brands such as Xerox Corp. and Sears Roebuck & Co., she made her foray into the digital space launching Netflix (she recalls a day when her and her colleagues hoped this ‘new DVD dot-com model’ would stick!)

In 2002 Jill made her way out to the Bay Area where she spent time at Buder, Engel & Friends developing a global integrated brand re-launch for Dr. Martens Airwair Ltd. Over the next few years, she went on to manage Comcast’s notable “Comcastic” campaign at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, MSN’s online marketing programs at T3 and Sun Microsystem viral video strategy and production at Traction.

Always a writer on the side, Jill turned her creative passion into a profession, when she began collaborating directly with production companies on their commercial treatments. With the knowledge and experience of the agency world, a deep understanding of broadcast production and a voice that can creatively capture a brand’s essence, Jill has successfully built a robust portfolio of written and visual treatments for A-list directors. Her experience spans many different industries and types of treatments, from food brands, to car manufacturers, to technology, to national retailers.

When she’s not partnering with directors, Jill extends her penchant for the pen into various other creative arenas. From company websites, to branded content for networks, to Red Carpet award shows, to magazine columns she’s constantly drumming up ideas and publishing content.